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It is my deep desire and hope that I will never fail my Lord, and that at all times, but especially right now, that I will be full of courage, so that Christ will be exalted in my whole being,

in everything I do or say, whether I live or die.  Philippians 1:20

Phil (1:20)  Brown


May 26 - June 4 - Kenya...our first-ever Global Conference!

July 20 - August 12 - India, Thailand, & Vietnam.

September 15-20 - Cuba.

September 22-25 - Mexico City

November 14-21 - Colombia & Peru​​


Feb/March - Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru

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More info coming soon on new mission trips to: India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Philippines, Mexico, China & South America...and back to Israel!

Here's the info on one of our typical mission trips to Spain:

MISSION TRIP to SPAIN...?Mid-July 2023? 

Trip Leader:  Phil Brown, former missionary to Spain


Most of our service projects will center around Vacation Bible School type activities for children who are at Camp Montgo.  Plus, we will be doing various work projects around the Camp grounds.  We will also be having meetings with the Camp Leadership about implementing the First Priority strategy in the local schools, plus discussing how the Camp Montgo facilities can be used as a Mission Connection Center.


Picture a place where snow-capped mountains give way to rolling groves of olive & citrus trees; where the waters of two mighty oceans lap the pristine shores. Imagine medieval towns and sleepy fishing villages virtually unchanged in 500 years, juxtaposed with popular beach resorts. Ancient castles, cathedrals, mosques, aquaducts, and windmills, remnants of civilizations long since past, await exploration and re-discovery. Combine this topographical variety and richness of history, with every diversion imaginable: villas overlooking the powerful sea, museums boasting priceless collections of art, the grandest and most extravagant palaces in all of Europe, and restaurants comparable to none.  The catholic heritage of Spain has created a chasm that seems almost impossible for other Christian organizations to bridge, because 95% of Spaniards claim to be catholic, yet less than 10% are actually practicing catholics. Therefore, most Spaniards put their faith in their religion instead of a relationship with Jesus. 


Mon.: Leave for Madrid, Spain! 
Tue.: 7:10 am - Arrive in Madrid, sightsee (Puerto del Sol, Plaza Mayor, El Botins restaurant, etc.), check-in hotel;
Wed.: Sightsee in Madrid (Royal Palace, Prado Museum, Bullfight, Hard Rock Café, etc.),
Thur.: Sightsee: El Escorial (summer palace), Valley of the Fallen (burial place of Franco), Segovia (Castle [Disney World], Roman Aquaduct, etc.);
Fri.: Sightsee in the walled-city of Toledo (enter through the famous Bisagra Gate, visit the home/museum of El Greco, birthplace of Don Quixote & Sancho, medieval Cathedral, Alcazar Fortress, Parador Mirador del Valle, buy the famous black & gold Demasquinado jewelry, hand-painted glazed Ceramics, & Conquistador swords), visit the Alarcon Castle, spend the night in the Cuenca Castle;
Sat..: Sightsee in Cuenca, travel through Valencia (Lladro Factory, City of Arts & Sciences bldg., Valencia Cathedral containing the Holy Grail), travel to Denia, Orientation with Jorge Pastor, settle in to rooms at the Spanish Baptist Conference Center (phone # 011-34-6- 578-2756 office);
Sun., July 20: Share/sing (Spanish) at Denia Baptist Church.

​DAILY SCHEDULE in Denia at the Camp / Conference Center

8:30 am - Group Devotional in the Prayer Garden;
8:45 - Service Projects (general repair, painting, landscaping, Prayer Garden clean-up, help with camp (ex. assisting English classes, Music classes, Recreation, etc.);
10:30 - “Snack” breakfast;
10:45 - Service Projects;
1:30 pm - Lunch;
2:00 - Siesta/Sightsee;
4:30 - Free time (Shops close 1:30-4:30 & re-open 4:30-8:30 pm);
8:00 - Dinner;
9:00 - Sight-see, shop, etc. in Denia;
? - Group share time on the Terraza before lights out!


Mon.-Fri.: Free Time in Denia: Go to the Beach, Snorkel at Las Rotas, Visit the Denia Castle, Visit Guadalest Castle (shop & swim at Fuente de Algar), Hike Montgo Mountain, Shop, Rest, etc.;
Sat.: Drive to Madrid;
Sun.: Share/sing (English) at Immanuel Baptist Madrid & sightsee in afternoon & evening;
Mon.: Head to the airport, arrive home that evening! 


Approx. $2100 includes roundtrip airfare, roundtrip airport-hotel transfers,  transportation in Spain, accomodations at moderate class Hotels and Paradors (Castles that have been converted to Hotels), breakfast in Madrid & Cuenca, and all meals at the Denia Conference Center. 

REGISTRATION & ORIENTATIONSince we will not be able to finalize the exact cost until we know how many will be going, you need to have your $600 deposit turned in to me, ASAP. Once we finalize the list of those going, we will schedule an Orientation meeting. 

  THINGS TO BRING1. PASSPORT & up-to-date tetanus!! 
2. Electrical Transformer & Plug Adapter (unless your hair dryer, etc., already converts from 110 to 220 volts and from USA flat prongs to Euro round prongs). 
3. Minor 1st aid items. ex. Band-aids, Bug Spray, Medicine for nausea, diarrhea, mo-tion sickness, blisters, pain-relief, etc. 
4. Cell phone & charger. Check with your provider on international rates. 
5. Running/Walking shoes &/or hiking boots. 
6. Swimsuit, beach towel, & sunscreen. 
7. Nice clothes for church. 
8. Shorts & t-shirts, & recreation clothes. 
9. Camera & alarm clock. 
10. Spending money ($150 for meals in Madrid, Cuenca, & Alarcon, $100 for travel on Madrid subways/buses/taxis, plus $? money for incidentals & souvenirs). 
11. Sunglasses, Hat, Spanish-English dictionary, & healthy snacks. 
12. Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, cologne/ perfume, etc.). 
13. BIBLE, notebook, pen!!! 
14. Good book to read (ex. Skeleton in God’s Closet!), iPod, etc., for the plane! 
15. One checked bag & one carry-on bag. Change of clothes in your carry-on bag, including toothbrush! 
​ 16. CHRIST-LIKE ATTITUDE, flexible and available to be used by God to further His Kingdom!!! 

If you are interested in going, then click on the CONTACT Tab above & fill out the information.