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Phil (1:20)  Brown

It is my deep desire and hope that I will never fail my Lord, and that at all times, but especially right now, that I will be full of courage, so that Christ will be exalted in my whole being,

in everything I do or say, whether I live or die.  Philippians 1:20


From years of pursuing God’s calling on my life in the area of student ministry, this recent shift towards equipping Youth / Student ministers to encourage, equip, & empower students to do the Great Commission has been both rewarding & challenging! Training younger generation leaders to minister to young people is an exciting opportunity for me after having led successful youth ministries over the past 33+ years in churches in 4 different states + Spain!

This year I began working with Youth Minister Networks in 17 cities/metro areas in Arkansas to help them become more effective as Networks by focusing on the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) four core values of (1) praying together, (2) building relationships, (3) sharing resources, & (4) strategizing organization I first became involved with in 1983!  When a Network gets to #4 & is ready to implement a strategy, it gets really exciting to train them in the powerful church-based campus-focused strategy of First Priority [of America] (FPOA) where Youth Pastors equip students to be missionaries on their campuses & then coach them to fulfill the Great Commission through on-campus clubs…a strategy that I’ve been using since 1991!

​Also, this year I had the privilege to do this same ministry with First Priority Global (FPG) in Kenya, Uganda, & Spain, where we trained hundreds of youth ministers & student leaders, which also included communicating the Gospel in dozens of schools to hundreds of students and saw over 100 students become followers of Christ! 

Things with First Priority Global have really begun to takeoff like gangbusters! So much so that I have had to make a choice to go full-time with FPG & drop being the Ark. Coordinator of NNYM. I already miss the regular contact with AR Youth Pastors, but it is being replace with regular contact with hundreds of Youth Pastors around the globe!!!

I have had the privilege to initiate
this First Priority Strategy training process over the past 6 months in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, & Peru, with 18 more Central/So. American countries waiting in the wings, as well as continuing the process (& coaching) in the existing 50+ countries we have trained in over the past decade! 

​Plus, another exciting element of this ministry is the opportunity to equip youth pastors in implementing a youth ministry strategy for their local church that I’ve used since 1988 called Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry (JFYM) that will help them see long-term success in their church youth ministry!  So I’m getting to train youth pastors with a strategy for all three areas:  Church, Campus, & City!!

​Now that I am doing this ministry full-time, my financial need has increased as well as raising my travel budget. Only with increased financial capacity can I keep pace with the need to do this! Right now, we need to add 30 new donors giving $100 a month.  In light of your heart for the younger generation, we invite you to become one of those 30 who invest $100 a month in this ministry.

You have plenty of giving opportunities like this one, but maybe this is closer to your heart because of our ministry focus:  equipping and multiplying leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus!
​​Will you pray about investing $100 a month (or whatever amount God leads you to do!) to equip and multiply younger generation leaders around the world? When you are ready, just click
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The most important thing we need from you is PRAYER!!!
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I am also praying to find & recruit a
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We are “guess-timating” that it will take 40-50

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Here is what we are asking of
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​ 3) Put your checkbook or credit card
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In return, you will have the opportunity to
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serve on the front lines of fulfilling the Great Commission around the world among this generation of young people!!!

Phil (1:20) Brown